I just couln't stopp myself from starting Tyranids army. I think battleforce is the best way to start, it's very cheap for what you get inside. Carnefix, warriors, genestealers and some gaunts, thats all what i need for begining. It's greate feeling when You open for the very first time a GW box, battleforce size. There is just so many stuff !

As always my bigger problem was colour scheme. I've decided to paint them Leviathan. Now I regreat a bit. Because Krakne is also great and with new washes it might be much easier and faster to do. Here is my first tyranid. I feel like I messed up the crevasses and details. he look good from distance, but when You look closer, it's just not right.

same tyranid just with stronger light

I think I must put much more effort in details. I tried to paint them fast. But since i don't play I think its worth to spend some more time on painting. I already almost finished my first squad but i guess I will try to repaint some of the details.

The only bad thing about Tyranids is genestealers box, which contains only two tendrils heads. I want my whole genestealers squad have them. I don't think buying 3 genestealers boxes would be reasonable. I decided to sculpt them. Belowe You can se my first attempt to sculpting ever. Upper part is to big and tendrils need more details but I thought it will be much worse, so Im pretty happy.

( left gw / right me )


eriochrome said...

Best way to start an army is with the Assault Brood Box. Essentially 2 battleforces with a free extra fex.

On the feeder tendrils, I personally think that sculpting something that looks totally different might be an option. Maybe the tendrils out of the wrists. Stealers are supposed to highly mutable.

Akozz said...

Well actually Im not going to play, they are just for my display :P so i dpn't really need so many units

oni said...

They look perfectly fine to me. Are you trying to win a Golden Deamon with them?

Akozz said...

Hehe thanks. After visit on "cool mini or not" my tyranids like a 3 years old kidd job :P no just kidding ( but CMOR is full of wonderfull minis :p )i want to make them look slightly better, especialy cravesses.

The Inner Geek said...

I think the paint job is fine. I think the sculpting is excellent! That's an awesome job of making your own feeder tendrills! Since you are sculpting them yourself, you could even make some of them with the tendrils reaching forward. I think that would be really cool!

VoidLord said...

that is some great sculpting! I think the color scheme is very nicely done. I find it very hard for many people to pull off the leviathan scheme cleanly. Have you decided on what you are going to get next to expand your army?

Akozz said...

I will buy lictor, some gaunts and maybe hive tyran. Byt my tyrnids are only for display ( for now ) so it really does not matter so much. I have also space marines and orks in progress so it will take a while to paint them all.


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