Space Hulk is almost here so I want to show You some SH terrain I have found in internet. Ofcourse not all because there is much more of them. But surprisingly not as much as You might think. Well I hope this will change after 3rd edition release becaus Sh deserve something more than some cardboard terrain. So check the photos, enjoy SH atmosphere and maybe make some of your own terrain. I wish I could afford buying another SH box as prize and make some contest for SH diorama or terrain :P But Im poor.

First SH terrain I want to show You is in my opinion one of the best and the coolest.

It's made from plaster casts. It's modular, rooms, corridors, corners etc. and each piece is magnetized so it stay on pleace when You put them together. Also what makes it so great in my opinion is fact that the tiles are 40mm like new terminators bases. So there is enough space to use your regular models or based terminators from 3rd Space Hulk.

If You like it there is more info at ( including 3d models and plans of this terrain for download ):


At the bottom of my post I will also put some links to online store which sell silicon modls for this casts.

Here is another modular board which is using the same cast as first one. But tiles are smaller, 1' I think.


And another one....

This one was designed and made from the begining. All pieces was made from foam, plasticard and other materials, then silicon mold was made and then they were used to make resin casts. Really great work. I like how narrow are the corridors. It really gives the feeling of being surrounded and have no way to run.

Also You might find all details of making this board here:

Another huge board with impressive amount of details.

This is the las one I want to show and talk about. It's not Space Hulk terrain but Warhammer Quest ( sorry if im wrong, never played WQ ).
It is interesting because of how many work guy who made it put into this project. And the level of details, ideas, painting, everything is awesome. I think it's basicly ordinary cardboard terrain converted to 3d. Would be cool to see somebody converting Space Hulk tiles in the same way.

All info and process of making it, very interesting:

And now a small review of terrain shops:

Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture inc.
Fantastic shop where You can but tons of different molds, not only Sci-Fi but also fantasy like dungeons, gothic etc. First terrain I was showing You was made from cast from this shop.

Old Crow Models
Another great shop full of floors, walls and everything else You want to see inside space hulk.

Dwarven Forge

Again some ready pieces of terrain, rooms, corridors etc.

World Works Games

If You are not comfortable with plaster casts and molds You can always buy some prints. You can download them then glue to cardboard and here You go ! Time saving methotd. And the prints are very nice.

Stones-Edges Gaming Paper Models
Same as above, some nice prints.

Thats all, hope You like it. If You will make any SH terrain please tell me :)


Renegat said...

I got Space Hulk since a few hours, but i think it´s a good idea for some games in future!

Akozz said...

Im still waiting for mine :P I think game on 3d terrain is much more fun and it will last longer than cardboard.

Cannonfodder said...

Good read- thank you.
It's not Warhammer Quest but Hybris form Rackham if I am not mistaken.

Sholto said...

Nice round-up, especially the cardstock models.

Carl Woodrow said...

A good round up, you found even more than I did when I looked a few weeks back. I agree about the 'Project Hulk' version, I also think it is really good and beautifully planned out.
That was the one I chose to have a go at myself and so far it is turning out to be a lot of fun!
Only done the first couple of sample sections so far, but they are shaping up nicely. Highly recommend having a go, the Hirst Arts molds are great fun.

Tas said...

I have been wanting to build one of these since I got 1st Edition in 1989!!! Thanks for sharing some great research, I'll add a link to it at the Man Cave.


itemrock said...

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GrandeMaestro said...

look also the space tiles lines:
very nice!


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