It's been a long time... Hopefully summer and my holidays are comming. With break from university I will have more time for painting. Some time ago I discovered Necromunda. Well I was aware of fact that such game exist but never really realized how great it is. As a fan of postapocalypse of all kinds I felt Necromunda like home. I dare to say that Necromunda has on of the richest story and background from the all GW systems. It blends with 40k universe in great way and create it own unique setting. While there is more than enough different gangs and characters in Necromunda to suit everyons taste, nothing really stop you from creating your own or including some 40k characters ( like Marines, Orks or famous Genestealers cult). You can download Necromunda rulebook for free from GW website. And since GW is offering it for free I think downloading its older version is legal. I recomend it because of great Eavy Metal pictures and more content.
My collection is slowly growing. I will paint them whenever I could. And post pictures ofcourse. So far I have done 2 Underhive Scums, one Bounty Hunter and one Pit Slave. Enjoy :)

Bounty Hunter

Pit Slave

Underhive Scum with plasma pistol and autopistol.

Underhive Scum with plasma pistol.


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