Due to contest im taking part in and annoying need to stick paper sheet to my display every time i want to take a photo i created today this little box. I used cardboard box and tracing paper. It took me half hour or less to make it. Well, it's not perfect and still need improvments but its much better than just one lamp and paper sheet.



I've found somewhere in my supplies an old truck toy. I have some orks form Assault on Black Reach so i thought it will be nice to make a vechicle for them. Here is picture of my truck and my project.



I think its very easy, fast and cheap way to make some nice looking walls and other pieces of terrain for your gaming table. All You need is some putty/clay or whatever you can get. I used "Creall Do&Dry" air-drying modelling material for children, white. Mainly because its cheap, about 2 $ for 500g and its easy in use. You will also need hobby knife and matchstick.

Put your putty between two pieces of cardboard or something with flat surface and press it. You may use your hands or eg. a book.
Then cut it with hobby knife to squares. Use wash sponge or rocks to make some texture.

You may also make other pieces of terrain. Eg. graves

Then cut brick lines with your knife. They don't have to be perfect, feel free with any shape.Now use matchstick (sharp edge) to make gaps between bricks look more realistic.
your wall should look more or less like this. It don't have to be square, use your imagination to give it some nice looking shapes. I've made also flat wall with no bricks, with bullet holes and wires in it, for WH40k terrain. It's all up to You.

Here is mine, painted and based. Have fun.


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