Another little update of my ork truck. I've added a little details and machinegun turret. Also magnetized, 360' and you can take it off or swap with bigger turret. Im pretty satisfied with my scrath build machingunes ( one attached to turret and another, last photo, not sure where to stick second one thought ) I've also made openalbe hatch in my turret, im planning to make magnetized ork ( actually half :P ) and stick him there when hatch is open. Kind of commander or just ork with some gun. That's all so far, will be posting updates.



Ha ! I've won :) http://thepaintingcorps.blogspot.com Well, maybe I should start take part in contests. I guess fact that there was VERY FEW entries helped me a lot :P but im still happy. In my personal opinion Mike who got 2nd place did better job then I. Glowing heat damage, face, cheast eagle and awesome soulderpad, he got skill. Really awesome.
Thanks to Painting Corps for great idea, can't wait for more contests like that. It's really good fun. No matter if you win or not.
MiniWarGaming is also running painting contest
maybe i will also try. And i encourage all of you who thinks it's to hard, to grab their brush and start painting, its really not that bad.


And here is final



Another update of my work in progress Ork Truck. Not many has changed since last update :P I've made turret. It's magnetized, can move 360' and you can take it off any time you want. Im thinking of few kinds of turrets, so I can choose which one I want. I also tried to magnetize this crane but im not sure if i will use it. I plan to make a few home made machineguns, just to save money. Any ideas where can I attach machinegunes ? One will be at the top of driver's cab. Not sure where to put the other. Well, that's it for now. Next update is coming soon.


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