I finished my Space Marines Sergeant. It was first time when I was painting miniature with face. Im not very satisfied about his eyes, they might be better. But as for first time its not so bad i think. I was thinking about cutting his left hand and adding a plasma gun or something. But i think he will stay as he is for now. Almost all sergeants have two weapons, so this pointing finger makes him kinda unique look. 



Here are pictures of my Ork Nob. He is now finished. As You may niticed all my bases are unpainted and untextured. I will buy sand, grass and other stuff in near future and make them look better in one go.



Here is my old Eldar I have found some time ago. I painted his armor and few highlights. Im thinking how to paint gun and helmet, when i figure it out I will buy paints and post pic of him fully painted. 


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