I thought it's a good idea to expand a little my hobby and try something new. I love GW miniatures but its good to breath some fresh air from time to time. After some research in CMON I have found Copplestone Castings. Some of You may know this company. It remainds me Foundry a little. They have pretty good prices. A set of 4-5 miniatures costs from 6,5 to 8,5 pounds. So it's not bad comparing to GW or Reaper. Copplestone Castings has some very nice range of miniatures. Adventurers, Gangsters, Dark Future, 1st World War, Fantasy, Darkest Africa, etc. I really like their design. CC miniatures ( imo ) are not super serious. They look a bit like characters from comics or old movies. They remaind me childhood and all those old movies, like Indiana Jones, Mad Max or Aliens ( they even has some marines very similar to those form movie and Predator miniatures :P ). I was in mood for 30s and prohibition so I ordered some miniatures form their gangsters range.

Here it is. Nice looking with some nice amount of details and a few flash lines. I would say 5/5 points. They are supplied with 20mm bases which look funny compearing to GW 25mm bases. But they suits CC minis perfectly. Don't know why because CC and GW minis are the same scale. They just do look better on 20mm.

I hope to find some time and paint them. Then I will post pictures.
In the meantime take a look at some CC minis pictures which I found in the internet.

by: chambersofminiatures
by: witchhunter
by: witchhunter

Hope You like it. I plan to try some more "new" companies in future and make some short reviews. You may find link to CC and others "non gw" miniatures manufactures at your top left in "non gw">"miniatures" corner.



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