I've finally finished my first Tyranids squad. They are much faster to paint than let say Space Marines or others races. But gluing their arms together was irritating. That's it for now, I hope to find some time and paint the rest of my Tyranids.



After some time painting different minis and different colour schemes I've finally decided. My army will be pink chaos rainbow marines. Im also planning to make titan for my army. I wanted to buy one from forgeworld but they don't make stuff i need. A giant unicorn with huge cannon instead of his horn. I've already ordered two chaos battleforces and will be posting updates soon.



Ispired by oldschool second edition warhammer images, articles and books, I've decided to paint my eldar in oldschool scheme. Colour scheme is actually a bit younger, it's I think form third edition eldar codex, 1999, ( see below ) while miniature itself is from 1992. I have two other fire dragons but I will will paint them differently.


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