Ispired by oldschool second edition warhammer images, articles and books, I've decided to paint my eldar in oldschool scheme. Colour scheme is actually a bit younger, it's I think form third edition eldar codex, 1999, ( see below ) while miniature itself is from 1992. I have two other fire dragons but I will will paint them differently.


Peter said...

is there a reason that the sites in some other language? also, liking the oldschool :D

Master Darksol said...

Wow, I had forgotten that their helmets used to be anything but yellow. Nice paint-job on it!

... also, as per Peter's question, I almost didn't find the comment link because it read: "PrzeĊ›lij komentarz"

You switching languages on us? ;)

Akozz said...

Hehe sorry about that, blogger seems to riot against me :P now everything should be in english. But if you will find any strange phrase tell me :P

Sidestreaker said...

I've been collecting the old edition for both my banshees and scorpions but i;ve yet to have this yet.

Nice paint job there!

itemrock said...

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