Here I proudly presents my finished Dreadnaught from AOBR box set.

Hello there

Because of very little time and lot of things to do I have't been updating my blog for some time. Now i have two weeks of holidays, Xmass :D so i hope i will find some time for painting. Im after shopping so i have lot of models waiting me to paint them. As you may see belowe I bought two boxes of Space Marines Veterans.

MK I guys ( abowe^) [ its just 4 of them because 5th is in progress ] , and MK II ( belowe v). Both are fantastic, can't wait to get them painted.

Another model to my Space Marines collection, Captain Sicarius. I will assemble him with plasma pistol and helmet on. Maybe i will use head and hand holding helmet for other model in future. Will see.

I also bought Deamonhunters Inquisitor Lord. Mainly because of his fantastic hammer. I want use it for my Space Marines Commander which I also bought. But Inquisitor Lord is so great miniature itself that i want buy second box with him ( or maybe i will paint this one and buy second one for extra hammer for my commander, will see ) I will experiment on this one. Maybe blue armor. Im wondering how he will look as Ultramarines Inquisitor. I know there is no such thing but im not playing anyways, just collecting and painting so why not :P
Next on my shopping list is marneus Calgar with his Honour Guard. I just felt in love with him and have to buy him as fast is i can :P i know thats kinda ridicules, but hey, who may stand against two enermous power fist with bolters attached to them ? :P

So 1# on my list is Calgar
-Terminators (close combat)
-Terminators (ranged weapons )
-Devastators Squad
-Chaplain in terminator armour
- Land Rider
- Maybe some Deamonhunter knights

You might ask: where are troops ? tactical squad ? rhino ? But i remind You im just collecting. And what i like the most is painting invidual characters. I really don't like painting dozens of almost same troops. I will get them in future, maybe SM Battleforce, cause its economic.

And last thing. Tyranids ! I think Tyranids Battleforce looks very interesting. Its just perfect to get some enemies for my marines. I think i will get one in near future. Just can't wait to see my marines standing against tyranids in my home exposition.


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