It's been a long time since my last post here. I will explain myself in farther part of my post.
But now ! what excite me and I belive many others here... Space Hulk :) Yes, i've already preordered mine. And I cant wait to get it in my hands. No need to talk more, there is so many articles, reviews and other space hulk stuff in internet.

I only want to say I like a lot Mike McVey Space Hulk dioram which you may see in new WhiteDwarf.
I couldn't find better pic in internet. I will try to get some old terminators and paint them as deathwing. I really like oldschool gw models and painting style. Getting some 1st or 2nd edition Space Hulk box might be also nice but since I will have 3rd ed box and 1st and 2nd box are very hard to find and expensive I don't think I will try to get them. A few old terminators and maybe stealers will be enough to feed my oldschool obsesion :P

In the meanwhile i encourage you to play this mini space hulk game. It's only 25MB but it's very fun to play and nice warm up before real space hulk :)


Talking about oldschool. I bought a few old minis. They probably will be painted as ultramarines in old colour scheme.
Some time ago ( a few months :P ? ) my prize for 1st place in "Take Cover" painting contest arrived. Here are pictures. And misterious body warmer at the bottom :P

I also took 2nd place in MiniWarGaming Platinum Brush Contest in single fantasy category with my warrior priest.

I was not updating my blog for so long because I was very busy and haven't painted to much minis. There was a lot work on university and its going to be more soon. I was on holidays and got some other duties and activities.
My new helmet finally arrived after some long journey from USA.

And im trying to ride as much as possible on my bike till its summer and weather is good.

I guess summer is bad time for me as painter ( but good as rider :] ) and my painting activity will increase in winter time. Meanwhile i will try to update my blog more often and find soem time for painting.



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