Only a few hours to WAR release. :) Can't wait :)

Waaaaggghhhh ! ! !


Yeah !!!

Finally got new White Dwarf :) Assault on Black Reach edition with orc and termiantor. I was waiting for this for so long :P


There are still some guys waiting to be painted. I finished marine with flamer and few other and I will post pictures in better quality soon. 

I also found this eldar somewhere in my desk. I bought this one about 12 years ago when I was a child. And its time to give him a chance. It's Eldar Fire Dragon, I think its very old version :P now they look different. I'm not sure how should I paint his head and weapon, will think about it. Any suggestions would be nice.


Hi there

WAR will be released in next few days so i decided to put a few screenshots from beta.

Public quest with giant :) PQs are pretty awesome 


I just started collecting WH40. I bought AOBR box set and i will be posting my paintings here. Just becouse I would like to share this with anybody who wish to look at it. If you like it let me know, if not, well, I don't really care :P but any advices about painting would be nice, because I'm beginier and I want to learn more and improve my painting skill. 

So here are some crapy pics taken with my phone:

And here is my first space marine I have ever painted :P Obviously he is not golden deamon quality :P
but i thought he will be much worse so im proud of him :)


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