I always liked warhammer since I was a child. But due to lack of money, time, skills and other things which stopped me form starting warhammer it took me 10 years form when I first time saw White Dwarf magazine to about half year ago when i bought my first box. Well, actually AOBR is not my first attempt to miniatures. I bought 3 eldars when i was maybe 10 years old or so, im not really sure, it was a long time ago. At the very first begining i didn't like teh old games workshop models. I thought they are to bright and funny. Latest GW miniatures are much darker and look more serious to me. I like them a lot. The kind of brutal, gloomy, depressing atmosphere which GW created. But I converted :D I still love present GW miniatures, they are great. But I also no longer thinks that old GW minis suck. Actually i felt in love with them. Take a look ( im not sure if it's legal to show this pictures but they are from one of the first GW books, they are no longer in sale, and miniatures from it neither so i think its ok )

Just look at that, i mean look at that ! Fresh green goblins, and space marine flamer ! How colorful they are. Like from a candy store.

Space marines look unbelievable awesome, with their red/yellow weapons. Look at the orks, how bright and colorful they are. You wont find today anything from GW what look like that, it just doesnt happen. You might think that they dont look like a "real orks". Greenskins should be blodthirsty, scary monsters right ? But you can't really say that new minis are better or the old ones are. That they should be like this or like that. Those are just two completly different styles of painting and two completly different designs.

Look at bad moonz. For me they look very similar to marines ( armor, dreadnaughts ) Its only my opinion, it might be true or no. But I think that space marines was kinda base for all other races at the very first begining. All othere minis had something from them. And in the time they become more and more individual.

i would love to get some of those old Games Workshop miniatures in my hands. I think you can't find it anywhere now. They are just gone. The first GW mini I've ever bought was eldar fire dragon. Belowe top right corner

I actually tried to repain it few months ago. I have to find it and try to make it in the "old" style.
Check the genestealers cult, they are just classic ! I saw a few week asgo on DakkaDakka.com someones genestealers army. I think he used some of the old models and converted models.
unbelievable work !

I guess none of You know any any pleace where I could find any old minis ? like wbesite or something. If you know please leave a comment or send me a mail. But sadly i think ebay and similar pleaces are the only way to get them. Games Workshop should re-release some of the old miniatures. I know there is more people like me who thinks old models are awesome and would love to get them.
Ok thats it for now. I hope my gramma didnt kill you :P my english is hmmm still in progres. And I hope I wont go to prison hehehe.

If You have any resources like photos of your old minis and you want to share it with me. You can send it to my mail ( akozz888@gmail.com ) as long as I dont have them, I can still stare at pictures of them :P


RonSaikowski said...

The old minis just have a certain feel to them.
I too like some of the older models but now my tolerance for metal minis grows thin. There's just some much more to plastic when it comes to converting.

Akozz said...

I do agree, plastic minis are so much better to convert and assemble. But I would like to get a few old minis in my hands :P and paint them in oldschool style.

The Inner Geek said...

You can find some decent deals on ebay once in a while. I too love the old minis. They remind me of my misspent youth. I actually have the old Female Adventurer in Power Armor figure somewhere. That is an old figure! It is probably somewhere keeping my old Inquisitors in Power Armor figures company. You can see a lot of the great oldies at the Stuff of Legends Citadel page.

itemrock said...

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