Finally I got my copy of Space Hulk :D Yes, it was worth it. There was so many reviews that You already know everything about what is in the box. I just want say one word: quality. Quality means Space Hulk and Space Hulk means quality. When You hold it in your hands and feel the weight, when You open it etc You know it was worth it, every single penny. Im realy impresed by the fact that tere is almost no flash on the models. Ok, thats all, now I will go and enjoy my Space Hulk :)

Edit: Wow, I was not aware of the fact how big broodlord is. Hes much bigger than terminator and with his base he is like twice the termiantor size !


woroxon said...

Great, nothing like new game or mini to spice your day,im not as jealuos as i should be, because mine is at customs and I hope to be there today.


Akozz said...

:) yea, unboxing new game or minis is great :P like a x-mass lol

Drathmere said...

I agree. Quality is the word for this product. I am amazed by how nice this is compared to everything else. This makes the 100 bucks well worth it.

itemrock said...

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