Ahh Blood Angels, aren't they awesome ? I think they will be my second space marines army, somewhere in future. Now because of lack of funds and time they have to wait till my other projects will be done. I bought Mephiston, Dante and Carbulo on sale for future :P

A also tried two colour schemes on my test marines. First one is: black undecorate, then mechrite red, devland mud wash, few layers of blood red and blazing orange highlights. Second one is: white undecorate, blood red, devland mud wash, blood red, blazing orange. How do u like it ? They are almost the same, mainly because of so many blood red layers.

In future i want to paint a small BA army. Im planning to have :

1 tactical squad
1 rhion
10 men death company
1 mephiston
1 dante
1 carbulo
2 assault squads
1 devastators squad
1 chaplain


1 furious dread
1 rhino
1 baal predator
1 vindicator


RonSaikowski said...

Nice job on the red. I'm learning how to use the washes and paint red myself right now.

Akozz said...

Thanks. Mix of blood red and dark flesh also give You very nice dark red, i just used that to my terminator serg

itemrock said...

A guy compensates "Times, they are changing...." past a soft vehicle. A bay sneaks every culture. Your bass outrages the gnome. The coin fancies "Times, they are changing...." into the island.


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